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Pastor Search Committee Update 6/7/2021

The Pastor Search Committee has received the results of the congregational survey that was completed by the members of Emmanuel. There were many great comments and insights sent by you for the committee to consider. We have just started the process of digesting the results of the survey and will be working with the information to prepare for our pastoral direction. Thank you for your cooperation and for your desire to help us find the candidate that the Lord has been preparing as our next pastor.

We also have been preparing information for our consulting company, Vanderbloemen.

The information we have gathered includes materials that can be sent to prospective pastor candidates about our church and our community.

On Sunday, June 6th, the committee spent the afternoon, together with members of our church staff, visiting with our representative from Vanderbloemen, Brian Dunks. He told us of the timeline and details about how Vanderbloemen finds, interviews, and matches pastor candidates according to the needs of the individual church. He also spent some time getting the Pastor Search Committee and staff to help him to know our church and community. Brian has a unique ability to creatively draw information so he can match us with good, potential candidates. He will be a good leader to help us find our next pastor.

In about two weeks, Vanderbloemen will start accepting résumés from potential pastoral candidates. The committee will be working to sort through the results of the survey and will be establishing a list of desired abilities so that we can search out the best match for our church.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

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