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Pastor Search Committee Update - 3/26/21

Greetings Church Family,

We want to provide you with a short update on the work of your Pastor Search Committee during these past two months.

First, we have met three times for planning and team building. During those meetings, we have prepared a pastor search budget, secured Finance Committee approval, and mapped out a strategy for receiving and processing applications.

Second, as a committee, we voted unanimously to employ the services of Vanderbloemen, a Christian executive search consulting agency dedicated to helping churches find the best staffing fit for their congregations. We have prayerfully considered this approach and believe it provides us with a significant advantage in seeking our next pastor. We want you to know that, while Vanderbloemen will help us in the search process, collection of applications, and narrowing of the candidate pool, your Emmanuel Enid Pastor Search Committee will still conduct all final interviews and make the hiring decision.

Third, as a team, we are reading the book Seeking God to Seek a Pastor by Gregory Frizzell. The book provides a wonderful framework for seeking out God’s chosen pastor for our church community. It is helping us to set a priority for prayer and acknowledgement that God is the ultimate one who guides us. The book’s primary focus and emphasis is on a robust prayer life as the basis by which we seek out the pastor God has selected for Emmanuel. Using this book as a guide, we are planning a prayer and preparation retreat for our team in May. We invite you to pick up the book and read it as well!

Finally, with the emphasis on prayer, we realize that prayer should not only be a charge for us, but for the entire congregation. For this reason, we are asking you, the congregation, to covenant with us to pray daily for our team and its processes, the congregation, our future pastor, and our future growth.

We are confident that God has already selected the right person to lead us into the next phase of our church wide journey and we believe that, through prayer, God will reveal him to us. Thank you for partnering with us!

Your Pastor Search Committee

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