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Minutes of the September 13, 2021, Meeting

Minutes of the September 13, 2021, Meeting

Pastors Search Committee

1. The meeting was open by Carol Williams in prayer using the date of PSC Prayer Card – Trust.

2. Members present: Carol Williams, Brent Price, Christina Hopper, Jonathan Bartley, Garen Martens, Anne Abernethy, Gary Hunter, Henry King and Barbara Erwin.

3. The majority of the meeting was spent on editing the worksheet to be used for a Second Level Interview. Carol will distribute the worksheet after the discussed edits are made.

4. The committee discussed the three-remaining candidates under consideration by the PSC. It was agreed to eliminate one candidate based on work experience.

5. The committee discussed a request by Wade for the scheduling of upcoming sermons.

6. A letter addressed to the PSC from David Burleigh was distributed.

7. The meeting was adjourned at 6:45.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol William

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