• Emmanuel Enid Search Committee

Minutes of the June 6, 2021, Meeting

Updated: Jun 29

After informal discussions, the meeting was opened by Carol Williams.

1. Prayer by Henry King

2. Members present: Carol Williams, Brent Price, Christina Hopper, Jonathan Bartley, Garen Martens, Anne Abernethy, Henry King and Barbara Erwin. Absent: Gary Hunter.

3. Minutes of the March 25th, 2021, meeting were viewed and after a correction on Christina Hopper's name, a motion to approve was received by Garen Martens and a second by Christina Hopper. None opposed.

4. A motion was made and approved by acclamation that Anne Abernethy step into the committee and Barbara Erwin would become an alternate, at Barbara’s request.

5. Carol gave an update on the Emmanuel Introduction Video which is being completed and should be up on the link by next week. Chris Graper, Scott Floyd, and Delane Osland helped so much in developing it.

6. The committee went over the printed congregational survey briefly and discussed.

The Emmanuel profile is being completed by Vanderbloemen to be given to prospective candidates; this will be emailed to committee for approval when available.

7. Carol will email the committee the organizational chart of Emmanuel and lead pastor job description.

8. The site for pastor's search on Emmanuel's website has received about 10 inquiries about possible pastoral candidates. The committee questioned how to handle these after the launch of Vanderbloemen partnership. We will ask our representative, Brian Dunks, at the following meeting how to handle this.

9. The retreat date was discussed. We are looking at Thursday, July 8, from 3:30 - 8:30, at a location to be determined. Anne is checking on availability. Christina is developing an agenda.

10. The meeting was adjourned to attend the launch meeting with Brian Dunks which followed.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Abernathy

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