• Emmanuel Enid Search Committee

Minutes of March 25th, 2021 Meeting

Updated: Jun 9

1. Meeting was opened in prayer by Carol Williams.

2. Members present: Carol Williams, Brent Price, Christina Hopper, Barbara Erwin, Gary Hunter, Jonathan Bartley, Henry King and Anne Abernathy. Members Absent: Garen Martens.

3. Minutes of the February 4, 2021, meeting were reviewed; a motion to approve the minutes was received by Gary and a second by Anne. None opposed.

4. Carol gave an update to the work that has been completed based on the February 4th meeting. The Personnel Committee has approved earmarking a portion of the overage funds for the Pastor Search Committee; this was affirmed by the Finance Committee as well. Carol reminded the PSC of the link now active on the Emmanuel Enid website; this is where updates and minutes of PSC actions and communications will be posted. Additionally, Carol demonstrated the email link which is dedicated to the PSC; communication from the “Contact Us” button will process through the pastorsearch@emmanuelenid.org link. This is a dedicated way for prospective applicants and others to communicate to the PSC; messages are received exclusively by the Chairperson of Emmanuel Enid’s PSC.

5. Three points of discussion took place prior to a vote of action on recruitment of Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Enid:

· A timeline for engagement by Vanderbloeman was reviewed and discussed.

· LifeWay Compensation and Emmanuel Enid Salary Matrix was reviewed as it would pertain to the engagement of Vanderbloeman.

· The current Lead Pastor Job Description was distributed for review and consideration at a later meeting.

A motion to engage Vanderbloeman for placement of Lead Pastor

was made by Brent, a second to that motion from Christina Hopper.

Carol voiced the proxy vote by Garen in his absence; none opposed.

6. The committee reviewed an update for the congregation which was

drafted by Christina Hopper. An edit to this update was made; the removal of comments regarding a bookmark which has been designed for distribution to the congregation at a later date. The committee reviewed the bookmark, which serves as prayer points for the PSC and the church was reviewed; the committee agreed to have PDQ print this for distribution at the time of covenant prayer over the PSC.

7. The next item of business was for a retreat of the PSC. Christina and Anne will be working to organize this time of prayer and action of the PSC for May 22nd.

8. The final point of business was discussion of all three services at Emmanuel Enid to have a covenant prayer over the committee. It is anticipated that the 31-day Prayer Bookmark would be available and distributed at this time.

The next meeting of the Pastor Search Committee will be determined after communication with Vanderbloeman representatives; this is anticipated for the third week of April.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Williams

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