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On Sunday, February 2, 1992, Emmanuel Enid called me to be the Lead Pastor. Rachelle and I and our three children (at the time) moved to Enid from Tulsa. One year from now, we will celebrate our 30th anniversary as your Lead Pastor. Today, I announce my intentions to retire as Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Enid on February 2, 2022, the 30th anniversary of our acceptance of your call.

Rachelle and I have made Enid our home, and Emmanuel is our family. We will not be moving from Enid, and we will always be active members and supporters of Emmanuel Enid and of our new Lead Pastor. I will be sixty when I retire as Lead Pastor on 02.02.2022. I wish to spend the last quarter of my years in full-time writing through Istoria Ministries, the 501(c)3 non-profit we founded in 2012.

The Leadership  Team  has  known  of my intentions to retire on our 30th anniversary, and per Emmanuel Enid’s church constitution,

they have recommended a Lead Pastor Search Committee that will be tasked to find Emmanuel Enid’s next Lead Pastor. The Leadership Team has prepared this Lead Pastor Search Committee pamphlet for you with the names, pictures, and bios of the seven people that they have nominated to serve on the Lead Pastor Search Committee. You will find a timeline for the pastoral search process at Emmanuel Enid on the following page, as provided by the Leadership Team. You can stay updated on the Lead Pastor search process by clicking on the Pastor Search link on Emmanuel Enid’s website at emmanuelenid.org. 

I am excited for the  future of Emmanuel Enid and for the Burlesons! Rachelle and I have purchased an office building at 801 S. Van Buren that will serve as the headquarters for Istoria Ministries. We will be working during 2021 to construct a writing studio, an office, and a professional audio/television green room for Istoria podcasts and online teaching series. You may stay updated on our progress in remodeling  Istoria Ministries headquarters through my blog at istoriaministries.org. 

It is my honor to continue serving as your Lead Pastor until my official retirement on February 2, 2022. Rachelle and I love you, and we look forward to an exciting future for our church!

In His Grace, 

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