Article III, Section 3 – The Leadership Team


(3) (The Leadership Team shall) assist the Pastors and Ministry Staff by bringing to the floor of the church ministry recommendations that originate from the Pastors and Ministry Staff.


Lead Pastor Wade Burleson notified the Leadership Team during the fall of 2020 of his intention to retire as our Lead Pastor, effective 2.2.2022. The Leadership Team has fulfilled its duties as prescribed by Article III, Section 3, and is bringing a recommendation to the church of qualified people to serve on the Pastor Search Committee. The church will vote on the Leadership Team’s unanimous recommendation at the church business meeting on Sunday, January 31st, 2021.


Article III, Section 2


A. Lead Pastor paragraph 2


When the position of Lead Pastor is vacated a Pastor Search Committee will be elected by the church. Those eligible to serve on the Pastor Search Committee are persons who have been members of Emmanuel Enid for at least two years and are both willing and able to serve. Church members will give in writing to the Leadership Team nominations for the Pastor Search Committee. A list of qualified and willing nominees to serve on the Pastor Search Committee will then be prepared by the Leadership Team for Emmanuel Enid. At a special called business meeting, Emmanuel Enid will elect by secret ballot seven people from the list of nominees, no less than three men and no less than three women, to serve on the Pastor Search Committee. All Pastors, Ministry Staff members and their spouses are not eligible to serve on the Pastor Search Committee.


The seven Pastor Search Committee nominees with two alternates are unanimously recommended to the church by the Leadership Team. Each nominee is qualified, able, and willing to serve if elected. The bios and pictures of the nine nominees are in this brochure. Any church member may seek to amend the Leadership Team’s recommendation by submitting in writing the name of a substitute nominee that the member wishes to serve on the Pastor Search Committee, as well as the name of the Leadership Team’s nominee that the member wishes to replace. The write-in substitute nomination must be received by the church office no later than 5:00 pm on January 27, 2021. The substitute nominee will be vetted by the Leadership Team, and if he or she is qualified per Article III, Section 2, of Emmanuel Enid’s Bylaws, the church will have the opportunity to decide between the Leadership Team’s nominee and the substitute nominee via a secret ballot vote at Emmanuel Enid’s Quarterly Business Meeting on January 31, 2021. No substitute nominees will be allowed from the floor of the business meeting due to the need for vetting by the Leadership Team. Per Roberts Rules of Order, if there are no substitute nominees, the church may approve the Leadership Team’s recommendation by acclamation with no secret ballot vote required.